Kellie (kellielewis923) wrote in the3pennyopera,

So excited to be seeing this show in April. I LOVE Alan Cumming! Eek!
Sorry this post is basically useless, but just showin' some love and can't wait for some interesting posts in this place! Great idea for a community! :)
♥ Kellie
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thanks! I'm seeing it too! (in previews) I'M SO EXCITED!
I bought my tix last night!
Ahh you MUST post about it!!! :)
Eek, if you're stagedooring, I hope Alan comes out!! Have you seen him in anything yet? I would've KILLEd to see him in Cabaret yet..I don't really know why I never went..must not have bugged my mom enough to take me lol.
*sigh* He's amazing.
I'm def. stagedooring, and I'll post about it when I get back!
I haven't seen him in anything live before :(

btw your icon is amazing... barrett is amazing
Ahh yay!

Hey, want to be LJ friends? You seem awesome, and it's hard to find a fellow Barrett fan! :)
i cannot wait to see this show! just bought tickets this morning for June 2nd!! can't wait to hear what everyone has to say about the show! =)